Charlie Parker

The story I heard was that, as is often the case when Jazz musicians get together and jam, challenges are offered in which others are expected to take the riff and better it. A musician whose name I don’t recall  put an intricate challenge to Mr. Parker in the form of an elaborate 32 bar riff. Mr. Parker played the entire riff note for note, even capturing the inflections. He then played the entire riff backwards note for note. Then went on to explore the musical possibilities of the riff before handing it off to the next person. I know that he did this because my audiophile friend played the reel to reel tape forwards throughout the entire Charlie Parker riff then (as you could do with reel to reel) played it backwards for me. I had to hear it about 3 times to be convinced. But I was. I was just a young wannabe audiophile at the time but I continue to appreciate the richness that music brings to our lives.

Hi Fi was the keyword. I first heard Hi Fi in an audio booth in a music store in Fort Dodge, IA. My friend had them put Harry Belafonte on the Hi Fi. I put the earphones on and I haven’t looked back since. Sometime I’ll have to talk about my relatiuonship with wine and women…


About Steve Collins

Married to the endlessly fascinating Billie for many years (but who's counting) Love to cook and share the fun with others. Travel is always fun. Into astrology (Aries, Leo, Gemini)
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