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Lamb and Eggplant Shepherd’s Pie My Way

What is it about a November weekend? For food it calls for red meat, a substantial sauce and potatoes. My taste buds were in search of a lively braise including lamb and eggplant.  This recipe requires the time to cure … Continue reading

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Heirloom Tomato Tart

This is a fabulous easy summer light dinner. This recipe is loosely adapted from an early 2000’s issue of Gourmet. Times like this I miss Gourmet mag. The idea here is that you prebake the crust and then fill it with … Continue reading

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NM Style Harissa and Couscous Style Quinoa

Our friend, Donna made an outrageously delicious Moroccan chicken dish with olives and preserved lemons. She asked me to bring a side dish. I brought a “couscous” style red quinoa pilaf (recipe below). But I also realized that such a … Continue reading

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My Favorite Green Chile Cheeseburger

Living in New Mexico, a good green chile burger is at least as important as boots or a hat to a Texan. A lot of considerations come into play when making one. Do you cook on wood, charcoal (if so … Continue reading

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Inspired New World Cuisine at Epazote, Santa Fe

Fernando Olea, Chef and owner of Epazote in Santa Fe retired from business in Mexico City, and moved to Santa Fe several years ago. Olea is fascinated by cuisine of the pre-Columbian indigenous people of Mexico, especially the moles (Aztecan for “sauce”). Combining this passion for historically … Continue reading

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Grilled Lamb Chops

The Gant in Aspen is a condo complex and a hotel. Because they are operated by a hotel management company, all amenities one would expect from an upscale hotel are available. In addition, because it is a condominium apartment, a … Continue reading

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